Sunday, November 20, 2005

By the way ...

The iTunes Music Store is open in Australia

Talk about anti-climaxes

I've literally been waiting years for the iTunes Music Store to open in Australia, and when it did I expected it would be a major event.

I'd expect that since it's taken apple so long to hammer out the deal with local record companies that they'd be making the most of it once it did happen.

But no.

It's not even the major story on Apple's Australian web site, it's a secondary item (although with the title "The biggest story in music just got bigger". If it's the biggest story shouldn't it be the biggest thing on the page?

I actually don't know when it was launched since Apple's Hot news item doesn't give a date. All I know is that the shop assistants in Myer have been wearing "iTunes Music Card" badges, but they didn't seem to know much about how you'd get the songs if you bought the card "you just download them" they said. Yeah, but from where, since the iTunes Music Store isn't open I thought…

But there it is, the store is all up and running.

And it's barely rated a mention in the Australian press, or anywhere else as far as I can google.

Maybe in true Australian style everyone's just having the weekend off and the marketing campaign will start on Monday.


So apparently it happened back in October. Who knew?

I suppose with all the iPod nano and video iPod stuff going on it kind of overshadowed it.

Whatever. In any case it's going to be bad for my credit card.

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