Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Dud

I’ve just finished reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and I’m convinced that the ony reason it’s been so successful is because God wants it to be. Dan should get down on his knees and thank the Lord for every million he makes.

The book’s a bit of a dud really. A second-rate thriller based on a third-hand plot, dodgey history and pseudo-spiritual mumbo-jumbo. I’ll admit it’s a decent enough page turner, but I was getting pretty tired of it by Chapter 90 and the ending was a real fizzer. Philosophically and historically it’s all over the shop.

At the end, I didn’t care about Leonardo, the Holy Grail, the sacred feminine (<span lang="yiddish">Enough with the sacred feminine already!</span>), or anything else, I just wanted to finish it so I could tick that box, give my friend his book back, and slag Dan Brown off on my blog.

Note to Dan:

Can’t write. Can’t research. Give me the money.

But apparently people can’t get enough of this code stuff (or at least Tom Hanks will be hoping they can’t get enough of it).

So it can only be the power of God that’s kept at the top of the bestseller lists. It wouldn’t be beyond God to use a best seller to get people asking questions about Jesus.

And asking questions about Jesus is a good thing, just don’t bother asking Dan. Can’t research. Can’t write.


Tim Adeney said...

Does this mean i can get away without having to read the book?


blatmann said...

Absolutely. I'm planning on not reading it again myself this week.
If it comes up in conversation, you can just say with authority: "A mate of mine said it was only slightly better reading than Caravan & Motorhome magazine, and there's not as many Winnebagos"