Monday, April 03, 2006


Zoë a few hours' old

Zoë Kate is two months’ old today.

It’s been a long two months and has gone very quickly as well. It seems like only a short time since she was born but it seems like she’s been part of our lives forever.

It may also explain why I haven’t posted for a while, and why I always need more sleep.

Zoë is, of course, georgeous. In the last few weeks she’s started to give us smiles, especially to her brother and sister, who love her to death—almost literally at times, it’s hard to teach toddlers what “gentle!” means.

We thank God every day for his precious gift.

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Mark said...

Hey congrats mate - she's pretty special. And only a few days after our daughter Naomi was born (March 29)! God was knitting them together in their respective wombs at the same time!!