Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm 37, I'm not old

Today’s my 37th birthday. I’d just like to say how much I'm enjoying being 37.

As I often say, it would be enough that God just saved us, but he just keeps on demonstrating his extreme generousity. Sure, you can say, Job 1:9 style, that I might be singing a different song if times were tough, but I say it would be wrong (as Romans 1:21 points out) not to thank God, because he really is very, very kind.

Anyway, this afternoon we were all working together in the garden. It’s late winter here and the afternoon was sunny and perfect . My beautiful wife and I were cleaning up some trees I’d pruned with my new (birthday present) chain saw, my two older children were alternatively helping pile up the branches, riding their bikes or playing with their baby sister who was giggling on a blanket spread out on the grass.

Wife, kids, backyard, powertools. What more could a bloke want on his birthday?

Thank you God.

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Theteak said...

Chainsaw...ahhhhh Ford Fairlane G220 V8...with a chainsaw in the boot...