Thursday, September 28, 2006

Going geek

Today I was at the Web Directions South conference so I've gone geek.

I loaded up Flock to write this post, claimed this blog on Technorati (currently ranked 1,157,502) and started to think about tagging everything I can find with Microformats.

The conference has been great with some excellent speakers on web design, Ajax, and the future of the future of the World Wide Web (”Web 2.0 is so 2005!"). It's all very exciting and it's easy to start thinking that everyone in the world is blogging stuff, loading photos to flickr and working on a Web 3.0 application.

But part of the way through one of the presentations I began to wonder whether the Web can really save the world. No doubt it has changed the world in a very big way, and it's made a lot of information available, connected a lot of people and keeps a lot of us in jobs.

Still it's easy to start thinking that if everyone has access to the right information then together we'd be able to solve all the world's problems. But really it's just a humanist dream. No matter how well we build our sites there's still only one piece of information that people need to know.

But, thanks to the World Wide Web, that's available to anyone with a computer. So maybe there is hope.

This post is 100% buzzword compliant.

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