Monday, October 01, 2007

So who’s arrogant?

I saw this amazing video yesterday which was all about how amazing and huge and amazingly huge the universe is. It’s really amazingly hugely amazingly huge.

Which led me to think

  1. astronomy is not the complete waste of time and money I thought it was
  2. atheisim is amazingly, hugely arrogant.

Astronomy is good because it clearly demonstrates how amazingly huge and powerful God is and how small we are. It puts us in our place—especially atheists.

My question is: How can you possibly say “there is no God” when we sit on a tiny pinpoint of rock and water in one corner of an mind-bogglingly vast galaxy? I mean really, how can you?

We haven’t even visited the next nearest planet, but atheists are happy to state with absolute certainty that there’s no God.

Isn’t that the most massive arrogance?

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Dave said...

Our pastor has been teaching about the Glory of God in Sunday AM.

He was using astronomy as an example how "the heavens declare the Glory of God".

Pastor went on to say how scientists try to explain everything away, and they get stuck on "why is it there? and why so big etc.".

The answer is, to declare the Glory of God.

Arrogant...yes....but more so ignorant.

Exact line of thought of your post...kind of odd I found it cause I was having doubts about my church because of some of the materials they were using in the evenings.

Maybe it's a sigh :)