Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

The funny thing about this Remembrance Day is that while we're happy to remember soldiers who have died in past wars, Australia barely remembers the soldiers who are fighting in Afghanistan now. There's barely any mention of the war in the Australian media, unless someone dies. It's poor reporting, and terrible support for our soldiers who are sacrificing so much. Lest we forget. Again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Separated at birth?

Is it just me, or does the Toyota Camry look like the Ood, from Doctor Who?

Ood and Camry

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Viva killers

I wonder if other cities will follow Rosario, Argentina in erecting statues of mass murderers.

Braunau am Inn, for example? Prek Sbauv perhaps?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Imitation is ...

I mean seriously, does Microsoft come up with any new ideas?

So Apple has a touch interface for its iPhone and iPod Touch and so Microsoft has to have a touch interface for Windows.

If it weren't so shameless it would be embarrassing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All I want is consistency

Pauline Futeran argues in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Heckler column that it’s hypocritical of Kevin Rudd to call Bill Henson’s work “revolting” pornography while allowing Australia’s Next Top Model manager to tell a 16-year-old contestant she had to “sex up” her image.

Fair enough too.

However, her conclusion that Kevin should therefore back the local artist is rubbish. Better to can the exhibition and the show and stop the children being exploited.

And really, that’s the issue here. Children being exploited for ‘artistic’ or commercial benefit by adults. What’s the difference between that exploitation and child pornography? I wonder if Bill Henson’s ‘not-porn’ photos were of Thai children or African would he be viewed as a “critically acclaimed Australian artist”.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I can't believe we're having this argument

I can’t believe that something which is so obviously wrong is being argued about.

It’s so obvious that Bill Henson’s exhibition of photos of naked children is wrong, that the question of whether it’s art or pornography shouldn’t even come into it.

There’s no way in any shape or form that I would ever let anyone take photos of my kids naked. No way.

Art or not, why give a pedophile a free ride at your child’s expense? Who would put their child in such a situation?

If you want to create that kind of art, use a paintbrush or whatever, but leave the children alone.

And you'd still be a sicko.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's in a name?

As I’ve mentioned before, I was pretty happy that Ford had dropped the Futura, Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia nameplates with the launch of the new FG Falcon.

Apparently plenty of people were pretty attached to the old names, at least judging by recent letters to Wheels.

I’m the opposite. I’m actually slightly embarrassed to own a Fairmont. Partly because it's (IMHO) a slightly poncey name, and also a bit posh—which I don’t really like.

I’d prefer that the car be called Falcon because:

  1. I don’t like seeming posh
  2. I like the associations the Falcon name has with Ford’s illustrious racing history.

Specifically, Falcon GTs are Falcon GTs—even if (in the old days) they were based on the Fairmont. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Drive corrections

The Sydney Morning Herald's Drive writers continue to make really basic errors.

First there was Joshua Dowling's mystifying (and embarrassing) assertion that the original XC Cobras were 400 sedans and utes, not coupés. As every Ford fan knows, the XC Cobra was produced as a way of moving the final 400 of the slow-selling hardtop (two-door coupé) body style, and the only utes ever produced were by street-machiners.

Now Toby Hagon asserts that the G6E is a replacement for the Fairmont Ghia. No, Toby. The G6E is the Fairmont's replacement. The Ghia is replaced at the top of the range by the G6E-Turbo.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Robin rip off

So we’ve just watched the last episode of the second series of Robin Hood and it sucked. Really, really badly.

So much so that I very much doubt we’ll be watching series three. I presume there’ll be a series three, because the bad guys got away instead of being shot down by an expert archer as they should have been. Instead of a happy ending, we get a really crappy implausible ending, and a half-baked cliff hanger which will invite us back next year. Except that it sucked so much, that we won’t be back.

This is especially sucky because for the last couple years we’ve really enjoyed our Sunday night in front of the TV with the children. Pretty retro, I know, but it’s something we all enjoyed. The boys had a hero (Robin), the girls had a hero (Marian). The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good it was all good clean fun. Forget the historical inaccuracy, the odd plot implausibility, the nauseatingly PC treatment of the crusades and Christian-Muslim relations, and the silly on-again-off-again Guy and Marian thing, and it was good clean fun.

But that’s all down the drain now.

A note to the writers: a happy ending beats a crappy ending every time.

Oh well, we’ll just have to stick to Doctor Who for our family TV night.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A death in the family

Grandma died on Tuesday morning. Her funeral was yesterday. She was 98, but it was still sad.

Without any disrespect to my other Grandma, it's fair to say that Grandma was my favourite. Although we probably saw her and Grandpa less often, we always looked forward to seeing them. Maybe they had more to say to us or paid more attention, or maybe Grandma remembered birthdays and always sent a package—wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, one of my favourite things.

I have to say that lately we didn't see much of her. Just Christmases and other times when Mum brought her for afternoon tea when we visited. As her memory faded, she didn't seem to recognise us as much, and it was harder to talk. I feel sorry about that, but it's just life. We're busy with our own children, and time flies away more and more quickly.

It was important, then for us to take our children to the funeral yesterday, and it was very valuable for us. Partly for them to honour and mourn their last Great-Grandma, but also to learn about death.

When we cried, we cried together. As I hugged my young son and wiped his tears and mine, I explained to him that although Grandma had died, death does not win. Jesus, I told him, beat death when he rose to life again. And because of that, although we were sad now, one day God will wipe all tears from our eyes and there will be no more sadness or mourning, because there will be no more death.

I hope I will see Grandma again on that day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The new Falcon

I love the new Falcon.

Blue Falcon XR6 Turbo

I've spent the last few days drooling over every article on the net I could find and I think it looks awesome in all its forms. Even the base model XT looks neat and stylish, the new XRs are especially nice and the G-series cars look classy and very nicely equipped.

The design is beautiful, taking an already great looking car and making it even better. I must confess that, having really loved the BA Falcon, which I regard as the best Falcon ever, I was worried that the new Falcon would not look as good. To my eye it looks even better. It's a very elegant design, but still looks tough, but not over the top.

I also like that there are now only Falcons. No Futuras, Fairmonts or Fairmont Ghias, just different Falcons—XT, G6, XR6 and R6. Oh, and Ute.

It all looks very good from here. Can't wait to find out how it drives.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Poogle power

While browsing a major software vendor's website recently , I noticed this little gem:


Heh, heh. They said “poo”.