Sunday, April 27, 2008

Robin rip off

So we’ve just watched the last episode of the second series of Robin Hood and it sucked. Really, really badly.

So much so that I very much doubt we’ll be watching series three. I presume there’ll be a series three, because the bad guys got away instead of being shot down by an expert archer as they should have been. Instead of a happy ending, we get a really crappy implausible ending, and a half-baked cliff hanger which will invite us back next year. Except that it sucked so much, that we won’t be back.

This is especially sucky because for the last couple years we’ve really enjoyed our Sunday night in front of the TV with the children. Pretty retro, I know, but it’s something we all enjoyed. The boys had a hero (Robin), the girls had a hero (Marian). The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good it was all good clean fun. Forget the historical inaccuracy, the odd plot implausibility, the nauseatingly PC treatment of the crusades and Christian-Muslim relations, and the silly on-again-off-again Guy and Marian thing, and it was good clean fun.

But that’s all down the drain now.

A note to the writers: a happy ending beats a crappy ending every time.

Oh well, we’ll just have to stick to Doctor Who for our family TV night.

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