Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pink rules!

When I told my little girls (aged 8 and 3) that there was a campaign to stop pink for girls there were howls of dismay. Noo!", "We love pink!", "Pink is the bestest colour for girls!"

I would have much preferred that our girls didn't wear pink. I'm not that fond of it as a colour and I thought other colours suited them much better. My favourite dress for our little girls was a smart navy-blue dress with a silver star on the front which I thought looked very nice. They didn't.

Given the choice they'd wear almost anything pink. Or with ribbons. Or pink with ribbons.

I gave up and let them be girls. Which is exactly the point.

As I see it, part of my job as a parent is to let our children make their own choices and to be confident with their decisions. My job is to make sure that those choices are safe, appropriate to their age and right, according to God, everything else is not important.

So if they want to wear pink, they can wear pink. If they want to dye their hair pink, and get pink tattoos, that's fine, as long as they love God and obey him.

Not saying I'd be entirely happy about the tattoos, but you have to get some perspective.

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